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The Picture Caption Community

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Hilarious Picture Captions
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What the hell is this community about?

Glad you asked! The community is about, if you didn't guess, funny captions. Jesus. Can't you people read?

What do I post here?

The purpose of the community is to post pictures for which you have supplied a hilarious caption. You can also post a picture without a caption, asking others to write their own caption in the comments. One can then decide whoever wrote the funniest caption for the picture, and reward them with cheese. BUT ONLY CHEESE.

Basically, the point of the community is to write funny captions for any picture that is posted. You can comment with captions until your fingers turn blue (or even green). You can put up a picture of anything. Any images that contain nudity, gore, my body odor, or anything else suitably offensive should obviously be in an lj-cut, though. Some of us have bosses peering over our shoulders. Or parents. Or omnipresent, all-seeing deities manifesting themselves in the form of one Jesus Christ. Or non-omnipresent deities manifesting themselves in the form of hamsters. Maybe even some sort of gremlin who hates nudity. Hell if I know.

From time to time, I--saint_gasoline--will post caption contests. Whoever supplies the funniest caption gets their picture caption featured as an example on the user information page. Just look for posts by me with the subject line "Caption Contest".

Are there any rules?

Yes, there are rules.

...Well...What are they?

Oh, there are only twenty-seven simple rules! With only thirty-four rule subdivisions and eight Amendments and one repealed amendment!

Okay, okay, there's one rule:

1. Do not make irrelevant posts. Post pictures. Comment with captions. Do not post about how much you hate your girlfriend, or how you loathe vanilla ice cream. Although I can understand why you hate your girlfriend. She is sort of a bitch.

Why are you still talking?!

Because I can. And because I own this place. And because I feel lonely.

So those are the guidelines and the rule! Post pictures and funny picture captions! Do it NOW!

Wait, can you, like, give us an example? We are unfunny and don't know what a funny caption looks like.


Bush was sadly disappointed when he realized that, while everything else on the action figure was glamourized and exaggeratted, his penis remained realistically non-existant.


Being that trenchcoats, eyeliner, and other gothic apparel were prohibited on school grounds, non-conformist gothic children went to great lengths to not fit in.

Caption Contest Winners
Caption Contest #1: edible_hat

Caption Contest #2: benchilada